The rebuild process of a bitumen tank

Rebuild Process

The rebuild process of a bitumen tank

The rebuild process of a bitumen tank

We can offer a wide range of rebuild bitumentanks each with his own heatingsystem. The most commonly used option is a flame tube heatingsystem. All our Bitumentanks and -boxes are tested and inspected by a independent authority that grants our products with a worldwide acknowledged ADR certificate. Because we modify the tanks according to the strict European quality standards, our tanks, swaps and boxes are a safe and reliable way to transport or store your bitumen. 

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Rebuild Process of a 20ft Bitumen Tank 

A used 20ft ISO tankcontainer with a stainless steel barrel is used as basis for the rebuild and refurbished bitumen tankcontainer. Before the modification starts the used tank will be refurbished. This will be done according to the highest standards, so the barrel, frame, valves and other components will be in excellent condition. 

Testing Process 

After a pressure and hydro test, an inspection of the frame and cladding follows. After approval of these items the modification process commences. The complete modification process will be done at our own depot in Breda. The standard design can be adjusted according to the needs of our customers. 


Insertion of the flame tube heating system

The first step is to implement a flame tube heating system. When these pipes are installed, multiple tests are done to ensure the complete integrity of the system. The flame tube system is completly certified according to the IMO / ADR / RID / USDOT regulations. The IM02 / T3 / L2.65BN codes will be applicable. New sleeves will be placed inside the flametubes to prevent wear and tear of the original tubes. 

Valve and temperature

On each rebuild bitumen tank we will install a new 3"BSP bottom ball valve. This is the most common valve used for bitumen products, because it will guarantee an optimal flow of the bitumen when discharging the tank. The valve is heat proof up to 300°C and can be fitted with a camlock. The newly installed temperature gauge can indicate a temperature up to 250°C. 

The top of the bitumen tank 

Each bitumentank will be provided with a renewed pressure relief valve. The settings of this valve will be adjusted according to the tank specifications. Besides the pressure relief valve there will also be an airline in the top spillbox. Both these connections are placed near the manlid. All gaskets will be checked an renewedFinally walkways, cladding and frame will be refurbished and the tank will be painted black. After all decals are placed the tank is ready for his journey around the world.

The bitumentank is ready to use

Because of the stainless steel barrel and the high quality level of modification, the lifespan of a bitumen tank is expected to be at least 15 years. A new 5 year ADR certificate is included with the tank. We can modify both 20FT and swaptanks but the modification process and the usage of the tank remains the same.


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