The rebuild process of a bitumen tank

Rebuild Process

The rebuild process of a bitumen tank

Rebuild Process of a 20ft Bitumen Tank

A used 24.000L tank container with a stainless steel barrel is used as basis for the rebuild and refurbished bitumen tank container.

Before the modification starts the used tank is refurbished. This tank is in good condition in regards to the barrel, frame, valves and other components.



Testing process

After a pressure and hydro test, an inspection of the frame and cladding follows. After approval of these items the modification process commences. Because Meeberg performs the modification proces in our own depot in Moerdijk, it is possible to make the design of the tank custom-made, so the bitumen tank will meet all your requirements.



Insertion of the flame tube heating system

The first step is to implement a flame tube heating system.

When these pipes are installed, multiple tests are done to ensure the complete integrity of the system. 

The flame tube system is certified by Germanischer Lloyd and compatible with IMO / ADR / RID / USDOT regulations. The IMO2 / T3 / L2.65BN codes will be applicable. 

New sleeves will be put in the pipes to prevent wear and tear of the original pipe.  


Valve and temperature

Following a new 3''BSP bottom ball valve is installed. This is the most common valve used for bitumen products.

The valve is heat proof up to 300 °C. Camlock can be fitted and are optional. 

Also a new temperature meter is installed which can indicate a temperature up to 250 °C.



Top of the bitumen tank

Pressure relief valves are refurbished and installed, or renewed when necessary. They are set to the right settings and tested.

The manlid and other valves are fitted with new gaskets. 

Finally walkways, cladding (50 mm thick) and frame are refurbished to an acceptable level for certification and cosmetic purpose as well.

All decals are replaced and the tank is painted in a black colour.  


The bitumen tank is ready to use

Because of the stainless steel barrel and the high quality level of modification, the lifespan of a bitumen tank is expected to be 15 years with normal use. 

A 5 year certification is included with the tank, issued by Germanischer Lloyd.

We can modify different types of tanks, but the modification process and the usage of tank is the same.