Reefer tank



  • Price On request
  • Capacity 15000 - 26000 litres
  • Usage Foodstuff liquids
  • Max. weight 36000 KG
  • Container type Reefer Tank
  • Size 20ft
  • Compartments 1
  • Heating system Reefer Unit
  • Insulation 50-150mm
  • Discharge type Foodgrade valve
  • Certificate CSC/IMO

20FT Reefer tank




The added value of meeberg during your tankcontainer purchase project

If you are in the process of buying reefer tank containers, a lot of items have to be considered. With the experience of the Meeberg team your process is supported by them and will give leverage. An advisory process may start with establishing the capacity of the reefer tank and product(s) to be transported with the tank. Step by step you will be guided towards your tailor-made reefer tank container in your company colours and logo if required. There are hundreds of options and that is why Meeberg always provides a technical drawing and a technical specification sheet in order to be sure that your tank meets your requirements. 

About the refrigeration cooling unit build on reefer tank container (25.000L)

The fully electrical cooling unit is designed to be fully fitted within the constraints of the ISO 20ft framework. All doors are made of robust stainless steel and offer good protection against damage. The service parts are conveniently fitted and are located behind these stainless steel doors. The unit is equipped with phase monitoring, which always ensures the correct rotation. Optionally, the reefer tank unit can be designed with 5000 Watt or 9000 Watt heating. For modification possibilities please go to the modifications page.

The benefits:

  • Fits within the ISO 20ft reefer tank container framework 
  • High refrigeration capacity, 7000 Watt at 0°C
  • Weighs only 270 kg
  • No problems with trapped air with the high circulation speed
  • Reduced chance of damage

Technical data:

Refrigeration capacity at 0°C (under ATP conditions)        7000 Watt
at -10°C (under ATP conditions) 4100 Watt
Heating (optional) 5000 Watt or 9000 Watt
Power current 380V/50Hz, 440V/60Hz
Connection Container connection 32A/4P
Required capacity 16A, 3 phase
Weight 270 kg

What bulk liquids are transported in ISO tanks?

The bulk liquids that can be transported in an ISO tank include:

  • All types of Water
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Sulphuric Acid
  • Nitric Acid
  • Mining chemicals
  • Food Products
  • Solvents
  • Oils
  • Resins
  • Alcoholic Beverages

What are the advantages of an ISO tank?

There are plenty of advantages to using an ISO Tank. They are a highly reliable, cost effective and safe way of transporting bulk liquids from place to place. ISO tanks are designed to meet specific criteria according to the substance they will be carrying. Because of this, they are very reliable and can withstand extreme pressure and damage. They are highly unlikely to leak, do not require additional packaging materials for the cargo, can maintain a specific temperature for temperature sensitive cargo and they can be transported by road, rail or boat. Because ISO tanks are built according to the ISO standard, all the valves must be inspected and each tank must have three closures. All three closures must have failed before a leak would happen; making ISO tanks a safer way of transporting bulk liquid than drums and flexi-bags.

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