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If you would like to buy a tankcontainer, you will definitely succeed at Meeberg ISO Tanks & Containers. Located in Moerdijk, The Netherlands, between the two main ports Antwerp and Rotterdam, our company is an excellent choice when you want to buy a tank container. Each container can easily be transported to one of the two ports for transportation over sea. However, most of the containers are also suitable for transportation by train or truck. We are happy to provide you with our excellent service.


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When you want to buy a tank container, our experienced staff is happy to help you find the right one. We aren’t only a manufacturer and supplier where you can buy a tankcontainer. We also offer a full service. You can visit our depot for our:

  • Repair service
  • Cleaning service
  • Testing

You can also let us take over the transportation of your load when you buy a tank container. We have a broad network across the world and can easily transport your goods wherever you want. Thanks to our experience and expertise, we can guarantee you that your load will be transported safely and efficiently. At our company you can buy a tank container, however, we also offer the opportunity to lease a tankcontainer too. We have over 350 containers which can be leased. This fleet consists of chemical tanks, 40ft open top containers, dry boxes> and bitumen tanks.


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Are you interested in one of our containers and do you want to buy a tankcontainer? Get in touch with our experts and discuss the possibilities. Call +31(0)88 2340600 and we’ll quickly make an appointment. You can also send an e-mail to


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