IMO tank containers

Meeberg is one of the most successful suppliers of IMO tank containers in Europe. This company of Dutch origin is located in Moerdijk. This industrial area is logistically placed between two of the most important harbours in Europe, or even the world: Rotterdam and Antwerp. In the depot a lot of containers, including IMO tank containers, are stored. However, this depot is also the place where repair- and other services are executed.


Qualitative IMO tank containers for excellent transport

IMO tank containers are build following the ISO-standard which makes it suitable for different kinds of transport. In our stock we have several kinds of containers for the transport of products. Each container is suitable for the transport of products with severe environmental and safety risks where moderate security measures are needed. When you want to buy or lease IMO tank containers, Meeberg is the company you’re looking for. We have Europe's largest available stock.


The services of Meeberg

Meeberg does not only sell or rent several IMO tank containers. We also offer you a repair service and a cleaning service. These services are executed in our depot in Moerdijk. Besides, we can run some tests on your containers and provide them with the required certifications. If you like to buy a container or if you want more information about our products and services, you can call +31(0)88 2340600 or e-mail to


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