Reefer for sale

Find your new reefer or refrigerated container for sale at Meeberg. We are a trusted partner and supplier of safe and quality container solutions in the Netherlands and worldwide. Our headquarters are conveniently located between the major ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam to quickly provide our customers with a solution when shipping cargo from these ports.

Reefer for sale

If you are looking for a reefer container for sale, you are spoilt for choice at Meeberg. We have a large fleet that includes both new and used box containers, such as the reefer, and tank containers. Whether new or used, each container in our fleet has an ISO and CSC certificate, guaranteeing safe use and a quality transport solution. We offer both 20ft and 40ft reefer containers for sale, so you always enjoy a perfect solution for your cargo. These refrigerated containers are suited for the transportation of foodstuff.

Leasing and other services

Meeberg customers enjoy more services than just the buying of containers. After all, we also have a fleet of containers available for leasing worldwide, including open top containers and Bitumen tanks. Additionally, the cleaning and repairing of containers is part of our quality customer service offering.

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If you are interested in one of our reefer containers for sale or if you wish to make use of our services, we are happy to discuss the possibilities. Feel free to contact your local agent or phone us directly at +31 (0)88 2340600 or mail

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