The manufacturing process of an Open Top Rebuild container

Manufacturing process

The manufacturing process of an Open Top Rebuild container



We are aware of the environmental changes in the world. That's why we want to create better and greener transportsolutions for our clients. We do this by recycling containers and increasing the lifecycle of our shipping containers. We deliver our Rebuild Open Top containers with a renewable 30 months CSC certificate.

The rebuild process

The open top containers are manufactured from the base of a standard unit. To start the transformation the roof is removed to create an open top. After this is done the toprails and removable doorheader will be installed. Inside the container there are several special designed steel plates attached to add extra strenght and stability to the unit. The roofbows will now be placed on the toprails and act, together with the tarpauling, as a replacement roof. This tarp will be attached to the container by using a tir cord and rings.

When the process is finalized the unit will be checked by a third party certification agency which issues the 30 months CSC certificate. The unit is now ready to deliver your large cargo to its destination.


By remanufactering containers into Rebuild Open Tops we extend the life of the object. Due to the extensive nature of the modification, certification agency's have granted a renewable 30 month CSC approval.