Proud to be your partner!

ISO tank & container sales and leasing

Proud to be your partner!

Tank and container leasing

Meeberg has a fleet of ISO tanks for chemicals and foodstuff and containers, which are available for leasing worldwide. The fleet consists of a variety of containers ranging from chemical tanks, Bitumen tanks, 40ft open top containers and dry boxes. Each tank available for leasing has a ISO certification, so you are guaranteed to get a reliable and safe solution for transporting your goods to their destination.

Tank and container sales

Next to leasing, we also offer ISO tanks and containers for sale. You can find all of our tanks and containers for sale at our website under the new products and used products sections. You can also contact us for special inquiries. We always strive to find a suitable solution for you!

Contact our service team

At Meeberg, we are always available for information about our services. These services include full repair services for dry box and tank containers, as well as cleaning and modification services. These are carried out every day at our Dutch depot in Moerdijk. Do not hesitate to contact us with any enquiries regarding the leasing of an ISO tank or other containers form our fleet. We are also happy to provide you with a quote or more information regarding our depot services. To discuss the possibilities, phone +31 (0)88 2340603 or mail