Customize your tank or container


Customize your tank or container

Meeberg can apply a wide range of modifications to customize your tank or container. Due to our years of experience we can provide a taylor made solution that will meet the customer's expactations and wishes. Underneath you will find a selection of the modifications that Meeberg can provide. 


At our depot we can modify baffles in every tankcontainer available. Baffles enables the tank to transport smaller quantities of liquids.

Immersion Heater

Meeberg can offer ISO Tanks with electrically powered immersion heaters. These electric heaters can be added to practically every tank, and can reach / maintain high temperatures. These heaters can even be used to keep bitumen at discharge temperature ( 160-200 degrees Celsius). This revolutionary modification designed and created by Meeberg, resembles the passion of Meeberg to find customized solutions for all of our customers demanding projects.


At our depot we can apply electrical heating (tracing) to your tank. This heating system is perfect for temperature maintenance or the heating of tank containers. For more information contact one of our depot managers.



  • Bursting disc
  • Diptube
  • 3x dn50 blind flange
  • Blind flange welded in

Sprayball Cleaning system

Cleaning system to clean the tank with water, consists of sprayballs and a bottom operated cleanline. This cleanline has a 1,5” camlock ballvalve connection.


We can modify your tankcontainer by installing handrails. The installation of handrails on the top of a container, increases the safety of the driver during the loading process. The handrails can be installed on new or used tanks and cover the entire length of the tank. They are foldable, so the container can still be stacked and handled easily.

GPS System

This system can transmit the location and volume of the tank. The data can be monitored using the online platform. The pressure sensor located at the bottom discharge communicates with this system to determine the volume.

Remote Airline

To balance the inner pressure when loading and discharging. The airinlet has been made ground operated, so it can be opened and closed from ground level. This airline has a 1,5” camlock ballvalve connection.

Level Indicator

The level indicator makes it possible to see how far the tank is filled. 

Full Walkway

Installing an anti-slip full walkway on the top of a tank container increases safety for the driver during the loading process. It also avoids damage to the cladding and insulation because the driver doesn’t have to walk directly on the tank. The full walkway can be installed on new and used ISO-tanks.

Get in touch for more information

Do you want us to modify your tankcontainer or do you want more information about our services for other tank containers, like a bitubox? Get in touch with our experts and find out the multiple options. Phone us at +31(0)88 2340600 or send an e-mail to We are more than happy to answer all your questions about the option to modify your tankcontainer.