Bitumen tank container estimates

The Tanktrader B.V. division of Meeberg Container Service B.V. provides Bitumen tank container estimates. Meeberg Container Service B.V. is a supplier of full tank- and dry containers. TheTanktrader B.V. division is Europe’s largest supplier of bitumen tank containers.


Service Tanktrader B.V. has over 2 decades of experience in the bitumen tank container industry. We are specialized in selling, leasing and producing of bitumen tank containers and estimates. We have strong presence abroad and are able to meet the needs and wishes of our customers to provide them the best possible bitumen tank container estimates.

We offer a largeassortment of certified bitumen tank containers and in addition commercial and technical expertise that will allow our customers to save costs, time and augment safety. All our bitumen tank containers are certified.


If you wish to receive additional information regarding the Bitumen tank container estimates, please feel free to contact us. You can send your questions and requests via our online contact form or email us: You can also contact us via telephone: +31(0)168 381540.

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