Find here everything you want to know about Open Top Containers

About Open Top Containers

Find here everything you want to know about Open Top Containers


Open Top Container is ideal for larger cargo


At Meeberg we are specialized in rebuilding standard dry box containers into open top containers.  

An open top container is ideal for larger cargo that needs to be loaded in the container from above. To make the open top container ready for loading, you remove the tarpaulin and roofbows. Once fully loaded, the process is reversed and the container is ready for transport to it's destination.


Because Open Top Containers are built from standard dry box containers, the units can be used for intermodal transport worldwide. The fork lift pockets are retained in the rebuild process, so the Open Top Container is easy to handle and move. 



30 months CSC certificate for your Open Top Container


Our approved design for open top containers is unique and it's the only design that is granted with a 30 months CSC certificate in stead of the standard 12 months. 


CSC stands voor Convention for Save Containers. All containers that are used for international transport are reauired to have a valid CSC certificate. All our units are inspected by an independent authority to ensure proper and quality construction. When the 30 months certificate expires, the open top container can be retested anywhere in the world to renew the certificate. 




  • Sales and rental options
  • Available in 20ft and 40ft
  • Available in standard height and High Cube
  • Sales and rental options
  • Your own prefix or a MEBU-prefix
  • Removable door header
  • Available in used or new
  • 30 months certification (and recertification)
  • New tarpaulin and TIR-Wire
  • CSC plate included


Dimensions Open Top Containers


Specifications 20ft Standard /
High Cube
40ft Standard /
High Cube
Size 20 ft 40ft
Max. Gross weight 30.480 kg 30.480 kg
Stacking weight 192.000 kg 192.000 kg
Roofbows 8 15
Certificate 30 months CSC 30 months CSC
  and renewable and renewable
Internal length 590 cm 1200 cm
External length 606 cm 1219 cm
Internal height 225 cm / 255 cm 225 cm / 255 cm
External height 259 cm / 290 cm 259 cm / 290 cm
Internal width 228 cm 228 cm
External width 235 cm 235 cm
Door opening height 234 cm / 259 cm 234 cm / 259 cm
Door opening width 228 cm 228 cm

Rebuilding process


The open top containers are manufactured from the base of a standard unit. To start the transformation the roof is removed to create an open top. After this is done the toprails and removable doorheader will be installed. Inside the container there are several special designed steel plates attached to add extra strenght and stability to the unit. The roofbows will now be placed on the toprails and act, together with the tarpauling, as a replacement roof. This tarp will be attached to the container by using a tir cord and rings.



We are aware of the environmental changes in the world. That's why we want to create better and greener transportsolutions for our clients. By remanufacturing containers into Rebuild Open Top Containers we extend the life cycle of thes units.