About us Meeberg


With over 35 years of history, a strong family heritage, and a commitment to global partnerships, Meeberg stands as your dependable partner.

Our history

Founded in 1988 as Meeberg Container Service BV in the bustling Port of Rotterdam by our founder, Hans van de Meeberg, our initial focus revolved around the repair and maintenance of dry box containers. However, our operations quickly expanded in both scale and scope, encompassing the dynamic world of ISO tank containers.

Path of Growth
Our growth necessitated a relocation to Moerdijk seaport in 2002, prompting the creation of a tankcontainer depot to cater to our evolving needs.

Leap to 2021
Fast forward to 2021, and Meeberg ISO Tanks & Containers found its home in Breda, The Netherlands, strategically positioned between two of the world's largest seaports: Rotterdam and Antwerp. This prime location enables a diverse range of services for ISO tank containers. Our expansive 22,000m2 depot, featuring workshop hangars, a newly constructed office space, and advanced testing facilities, empowers us to efficiently handle tank container repairs, maintenance, modifications, sales, and lease projects.

Our Objective
With a 35-year legacy, our family-owned enterprise, now managed by the second generation, aspires to become a global service partner for our esteemed clientele. Spanning 95 countries across six continents, we've developed a dynamic business portfolio rooted in values like reliability, flexibility, trust, expertise, and unwavering commitment. These qualities have garnered profound respect and forged enduring relationships. Guided by principles of high performance, quality, and family heritage, our relationships are not only strong and enduring, but also mutually beneficial.

Our Advantages
Our extensive inventory of chemical, food, and bitumen ISO tank containers guarantees swift equipment delivery. Moreover, the ability to customize products to precise specifications on-site ensures a seamless fit for the intended cargo.

Global Partner
Leveraging a well-established network spanning diverse regions, we stand as your global partner for sales, leasing, modification, refurbishment, maintenance, and logistics of ISO tank containers. Our growth-centric approach doesn't just benefit us; it fosters mutual prosperity for our partners through astute strategies.