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ISO tank container modifications

ISO tank container modifications

Customize your ISO tank

Meeberg offers a diverse range of modifications to customize your tank or container according to your specific needs. With more than 35 years of experience in the ISO tankcontainer industry, we have developed the expertise to provide tailor-made solutions that consistently meet and exceed our customers' expectations and wishes.

Whether it's for transportation, storage, or specialized applications, our skilled team of professionals is well-equipped to understand your unique requirements and recommend the most suitable modifications for your tank or container.

Discover a selection of the modifications that Meeberg can provide.


Baffles play a crucial role in enabling the tank to transport smaller quantities of liquids with enhanced stability and safety.


Given the dangerous nature of TDI and MDI, it is crucial to comply with ISOPA regulations during the modification process to ensure safe loading and transportation.


Regular cleaning between cargo loads is essential to ensure the integrity and safety of tank containers. At Meeberg, we offer a highly effective interior cleaning system using spray balls and a bottom-operated clean line.

Heating modifications

Tracing (electrical heating)

By installing electric heating (known as tracing) on the outer surface of your tank container, you can maintain or heat the temperature to prevent the liquid contents from freezing or solidifying.

Immersion heater

The controllable electric immersion heating element can reach and maintain extremely high temperatures (160 - 200 degrees Celsius). Example applications include hot liquid products such as water and bitumen at discharge temperature.

Flame tubes

A flame tube heating system is a combustion-based heating technology that utilizes a flame tube to generate heat by burning fuel.

Safety modifications


Increase your staff's safety by installing foldable handrails. Modifying your tank container with railings on the container roof increases the safety and efficiency of the loading process.

Full walkway

Installing an anti-slip entire walkway on the top of a tank container increases safety for the driver and operating staff during the (un)loading process.

Remote airline

Meeberg offers a convenient and efficient solution to balance the inner pressure of ISO tanks during loading and discharging.

Inspection modifications

GPS system

Adding a sophisticated tracking system. to your ISO tank allows you to continuously track its location. Also, you can keep track of the tank's volume at all times.

Inspection glass

The inspection glass, often made of high-quality materials glass or polycarbonate, is strategically positioned on the ISO tank to provide a clear view of the cargo inside. Its primary purpose is to allow inspectors and operators to visually assess the level of the cargo without the need to open the tank.

Level indicator

The level indicator device allows you to measure and display the liquid level of the cargo inside the tank container.

Do you need more information about modifications?

Let Martijn help you find the perfect tank for you. You can give us a call or send us an email. We'll answer your questions as soon as possible.