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Bitumen tanks and boxes stock

About bitumen tanks & boxes

Discover the diverse solutions for the transport and storage of bitumen.

With various bitumen tanks, swaps, and Bituboxes available in different capacities and technical specifications, we can always find the perfect fit for your needs. All our Bitumentanks and -boxes are tested and inspected by a independent authority that grants our products with the certificates that are needed. Because we build following the strict European quality standards, our tanks, swaps and boxes are a safe and reliable way to transport or store your bitumen. 

Flame tube heating

Using flame tubes as a heating system is an excellent method for heating bitumen. Once these pipes are installed, multiple tests will be conducted to guarantee the system's absolute integrity. The flame tube system is certified and complies with IMO/ADR/RID/USDOT regulations, with applicability under IMO2/T3/L2.65BN codes. New sleeves will be inserted into the pipes to prevent wear and tear of the original ones.

Flame tubes

A flame tube heating system is a combustion-based heating technology that utilizes a flame tube to generate heat by burning fuel.


Meeberg can deliver diesel and gasburners which are compatible with all of our flame tubed bitumen products. The fully loaded tank or bitubox can be heated within 10 hours.


Depending on the type of bitumen, capacity and setup Meeberg can advise and deliver the perfect pump for each project.

Meeberg as your bitumen operator partner

Did you know that Meeberg can be your partner throughout the entire supply chain? We handle the entire process, offering you a customized solution for bitumen procurement, loading, transportation, and storage. From tank design and production to logistics and export, Meeberg takes care of every aspect. No matter the size of your bitumen project, we provide a tailored solution that aligns with all your needs. With our extensive experience, Meeberg has a global network of contacts. Thanks to our efficiency, we can consistently provide competitive quotes.

Feel free to reach out to us if you require assistance with your bitumen project.

Bitumen tanks Meeberg

Looking for a Bitumen tank?

Let Mike help you find the perfect tank for you. You can give us a call or send us an email. We'll answer your questions as soon as possible.