Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage Industry

Food grade ISO tanks play a crucial role in ensuring the integrity and safety of transporting liquids within the food and beverage industry.

Food products that can be transported in our tank containers include wine and spirits, edible oils, juices, milk, fructose, beer, and other liquid food products.

  1. Wine and Spirits: Food grade ISO tanks are suitable for transporting various types of alcoholic beverages, including wine and spirits.

  2. Edible Oils: Whether it's olive oil, sunflower oil, or other edible oils, ISO tanks provide a secure and contamination-free environment for transporting liquid oils.

  3. Juices: including fruit juices, vegetable juices, and other liquid beverages, can be safely transported in refrigerated food-grade ISO tanks. The features of the tanks ensure that the juices reach their destination without any risk of contamination.

  4. Milk: Dairy products, such as milk, can be transported efficiently in these tanks. The temperature control systems in some tanks help in preserving the freshness of the milk during transit.

  5. Fructose: Liquid sweeteners like fructose can be transported in ISO tanks, benefiting from the tanks' ability to maintain a clean and sterile environment.

  6. Beer: ISO tanks are suitable for transporting beer, providing a reliable method for delivering this beverage to various markets while preserving its quality and characteristics.

  7. Other Liquid Food Products: The versatility of food grade ISO tanks extends to various other liquid food products, ranging from syrups to sauces, allowing for efficient and safe transportation.

The adaptability and compliance with stringent standards make our food-grade ISO tanks the preferred choice for transporting a diverse array of liquid food products, ensuring that these items reach consumers in optimal condition

The capacity of an ISO food grade tank typically ranges from 15.000L to 26,000 liters for a standard 20FT food grade ISO tank, and for 23FT food grade swaptanks, it can go up to 35,000 liters

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