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Meeberg ISO Tanks & Containers supplies a wide variety of high quality rental containers worldwide, such as foodgrade-, diesel-, chemical- and bitumen tankcontainers. Over the years, we have become experts in providing our customers full service, from manufacturing to transporting. Our headquarters are strategically located in the Netherlands, but we also have offices and depots in South-Africa, Malaysia and Cameroon.

The rental tankcontainer

We offer our customers a large global fleet of tankcontainers, complete with all the required certifications. This wide variety of tankcontainers includes among others:

We provide several services

Besides the rental of a large fleet of tankcontainers, we provide several additional services. From repairing to cleaning and from modifying to shipping by boat, train or truck: our experienced and qualified staff is happy to assist you.

Our team is glad to support you

Do you wish to receive additional information concerning the rental of tankcontainers? Or do you have other questions? Please feel free to contact us! We are glad to assist you. You can reach us by sending your questions and inquiries via the live chat online, or e-mail to If you wish to speak some of our staff personally, you can call  +31(0)88234603.

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